Hèt netwerk van, voor en door Nederlandstaligen in Frankrijk - zegt het voort!

About us

INTRODUCTION is a knowledge and information exchange platform for Dutch speakers living in France. We are a membership based platform and we cover 90%+ of our day to day operational costs with income we generate thru advertising. We have a growing number of members, 21.600+ currently and we welcome approx. 72.000 unique visitors per month. Combined they visit 700.000+ pages each month. Even though membership is free, 10% of our income is generated by generous donations from our members.

We welcome advertising partners and we are keen to design and discuss effective campaigns with our advertising partners.



  • We can post a blog on our interactive forum introducing the features and benefits of your services and/or products. The best way to do this is in a "story telling" way. We would be glad to be of assistance in writing the content, in Dutch of course.


  • We can create a HTML5 dynamic banner using your graphics and text. We can offer various sizes and formats so that your proposition gets the attention it deserves in the right location and format on our pages.


  • We can create a dedicated page to provide further information about your proposition.


We have learned that a mix of the above elements can be the basis for a very effective campaign.


In case you want more information please contact us:



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